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I believe the world it spins for you
We will never be, I am the moon.
— Sia - Moon (Colour the Small One)

Sia-Breathe Me

An interesting (literal) interpretation…


Sia-Breathe Me

An interesting (literal) interpretation…

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Sia - Somersault

You would somersault in sand with me

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Sia - Death By Chocolate, live in Dallas, 2008.

One of her most powerful performances of this song I’ve seen… Wow.


Now my inner dialogue is heaving with detest
I am a martyr and a victim and I need to be caressed
I hate that you negate me, I’m a ghost at beck and call
I’m falling and placating, and berating myself for staying

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Destiny - Zero 7

When I’m weak I draw strength from you

And when you’re lost I know how to change your mood

And when I’m down you breath life over me

Even though we’re miles apart we are each other’s destiny

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You know with every cruel word that you utter,
    That you bury yourself, even deeper every day.
Oh, little girl, there’s enough love in this circle,
    You can shackle yourself or be free from this pain.
— Sia - Big Girl, Little Girl (via inmyhelicopter)

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"Lucky" - by the ever amazing Sia Furler

Thanks to Teya for uploading! (If you’re a sia fan, check out her youtube channel! - it’s chockers with rare Sia stuff!)

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